How much can I sell my iPhone 4 for?-Factors that Determine the Resale Value of iPhone 4

How much can I sell my iPhone 4 for? This is a question that many people ask when they make the decision to sell their used iPhone 4. Naturally, when you want to sell an iPhone, you will be interested in knowing its price in the market. This is because you most probably want to sell it so that you can buy the latest iPhone model. Although many people are still holding on to their iPhone 4, majority of them are looking forward to selling it so that they can purchase the latest iPhone model upon its release. Our experts provide guidelines that will enable you to determine how much your used iPhone 4 is worth and make the right decision when selling it.

Finding out how much your used iPhone 4 is worth

If you are unsure about the worth of your iPhone 4, it is a good idea that you take time to conduct some research. The internet is full of information about iPhone 4 including its resale value. Therefore, leverage the power of the internet to sell your iPhone 4 at the highest price possible. Nevertheless, always remember that fair price of an iPhone 4 depends on the amount that buyers are ready to pay for the device. Therefore, consider what others have charged buyers for their iPhone 4 before you set the price for your device.

The condition of your iPhone 4 matters

Perhaps, the condition of the iPhone 4 that you are selling is the major factor that will determine how much your device is worth. This is because most buyers want a device that is in good condition. This means that if you have taken good care of your iPhone, you will sell it at a higher price if you’re ready to sell your iPhone we are ready to make a deal even if your device has scratches or even worse a broken screen,Therefore, consider the condition of your iPhone 4 and compare it with that of others to determine how much you can ask buyers for it.


The capacity of iPhone 4 that you are selling will determine its price. For instance, a 16GP iPhone 4 will not be sold at the same price with a 32 GB iPhone 4. Therefore, take time to know the exact capacity of your iPhone 4 so that you can determine how much you can ask prospective buyers to pay for it. Most buyers will always check the capacity of iPhone 4 before they purchase it because capacity enhances the performance of an iPhone.

iPhone sale service

The service that you use to sell your iPhone will also influence the amount of money that you reap from it. This is because some services allow iPhone owners to sell their devices for free while others charge a fee. This fee is usually a percentage of the total price of the device.

Are you still asking how much can I sell my iPhone 4 for? Then consider these factors to determine the resale price of your iPhone 4 then use our iPhone sale service to sell your device.

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